Relaxation Station

your place to chill out, break free from intrusive thoughts and relax

Make a cup of your favourite tea

my favourite to relax with is Jasmine Green Tea!

& Anything else that helps you relax

open the window for some fresh air, change into comfy clothes, anything that makes you feel comfortable

Get comfortable

lie down or sink into a comfy chair, grab a blanket & some pillows

Close your eyes

shut out visual distractions & rest your eyes

Take a deep breath in & slowly breathe out.

focus on your breathing, let thoughts happen, just watch them pass by

Relax & Browse

listen to soothing music & get lost in the gallery of serene images.

Soothing Songs


Imagine yourself in these calm, scenic places.
Feel the fresh air, the cool water, hear the sounds of birds chirping, water lapping, you are safe, you are strong.
You can overcome anything.

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